Woman Died Getting Hit bu Bulls

Found this news on Google about a Woman who died got hit by Bulls running around the city of Madrid.

It must have been tragic and sad for her family. Knowing that a family member got into an accident and arrive at the hospital dying.

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“Woman Gored In Running Of The Bulls Dies”

Really life is too short and we do not know when will it ends.

I love traveling form country to country and City to another city because I want to experience the world before my life ends. So don’t waste your life not doing the things you really love.

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My Experience in Spain Last Week

Bullfighting Experience in Madrid

“Madrid Bullfighting Tickets – 59,99 €” I Just read it, Now I’ll share it

Just want to talk about my experience in Madrid, Spain. Ever since I was a little kid I always want to see a bullfighting match in Madrid and finally I was able to experience it last week. It was a once in a life time experience for me and I really enjoyed it.

It’s awesome how people in spain have come up with a sport like bullfighting where a person will be in a ring “Arena” with a Bull which is a very dangerous animal. I was thrilled and scared for the matador while he’s getting the bull down.

I will not forget my experience in Madrid. I did a lot of stuff in the city with the great accomodation of my tour guide whom I hired to guide me with all the tours that I purchase at What to do in Madrid Travelling and Tours. I told my friends all about it and they are now planning to visit madrid this summer. I recommend it to everyone to experience the bullfighting event and also all the tours that you can afford. It will be more unforgetable if you will experience it with your love ones.

So travel all around Spain and start your journey by going to the beautiful city of Madrid.