Seven Lakes Hiking

Natalia Maks

I love traveling around the world, however I have to admit that I find a lot of joy in photographing places near by home, for instance Seven Lakes Park. We love to go there for a short hiking adventures. I have a series oh photographs which make pretty strong statements with quiet colors. I shorten the series for this blog, but was thinking of creating the nice meditational music background for the whole collection.


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more tales of train travel…..

Life in Russia.

Those of you who follow my blog regularly probably know by now that I am an avid fan of traveling by train when visiting Russia and other post-Soviet countries. I’m pretty comfortable on the train, as I traveled it a bit during the year I lived in Saint Petersburg, as well as my recent return visit and travels. I’ve been through the Baltic countries on the train, to the arctic circle and back (Murmansk), to Moscow, Kiev (Ukraine) and Bryansk, Russia. I’ve been kicked off a train in the middle of no-where Ukraine (politely) when I mistakenly purchased tickets that transited Belarus and I didn’t have a transit visa. I’ve experienced more stares at my American passport than I like to remember and had my ear talked off by people who want to know all about America and test my Russian. But then, these are some of my fondest memories…

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Woman Died Getting Hit bu Bulls

Found this news on Google about a Woman who died got hit by Bulls running around the city of Madrid.

It must have been tragic and sad for her family. Knowing that a family member got into an accident and arrive at the hospital dying.

Read this News @

“Woman Gored In Running Of The Bulls Dies” http://feedly.com/k/19fKLrD

Really life is too short and we do not know when will it ends.

I love traveling form country to country and City to another city because I want to experience the world before my life ends. So don’t waste your life not doing the things you really love.


Music All Over The World


Saw a video of Marcus Miller Fretless Bass Solo and it was sweet. Really he is one of the best out there. For me being a bass player it is important to keep the post consistent. When I say post it’…

Al Gregorios‘s insight:

A Filipino Bass Player who have a local band in Iloilo City, Philippines talks about Bass Guitar Tips and Info. I met this guy saw him play live with one if his METAL BAND however, I kinda like his solo album that he’s working on right now.. Pretty slick! So hope you guys will like this post!

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Japanese music composer community Creofuga launches crowdsourcing platform | Soundtrack | Scoop.it

Creofuga is a startup from Japan’s western city of Okayama which has been providing an online community platform for amateur or semi-professional music composers.

5 Music Start-Ups to Watch | Digital-News on Scoop.it today | Scoop.it

The future of music goes far beyond streaming. These start-ups are upending traditional business models and putting the artists in charge.
The music industry is a tough place to start a company right now.

Some Google Play Music All Access subscribers are having issues playing music on the Web | Digital-News on Scoop.it today | Scoop.it

Google Play Music All Access appears to be in a spot of bother. A number of users are reporting that they’re unable to play any music through the Web app. The library loads up just fine, but as soon subscribers press play?

Michael Bublé Will Meet his Madrilenian Fans on January 31st | Madrid Trending Topics and Issues | Scoop.it

Madrid News from WhattodoinMadrid.com Michael Bublé, will meet his Madrilenian fans on January 31st. This gentleman will sing at the Palacio de los Deportes

What to do in Madrid’s insight:

I’m really proud of the MUSICAL IDENTITY that Madrid has which is the Flamenco Guitar Playing if you’re interested to watch a show visit whattodoinmadrid.com.

Travel News In The Web, Traveling Experience

Attractions at risk of Destruction

See on Scoop.itTraveling On Feet

67 attractions at risk of destruction in 2014
THE cultural heritage of the entire country of Syria and the Gateway Arch in St.

Al Gregorios‘s insight:

Terravision to Offer City Sightseeing Products PR Newswire (press release) Terravision has also expanded its product range to include numerous travel related services including its Terracafè lounge Bars, low cost airport car parking solutions,…

See on www.news.com.au

TSA screenings at Phoenix airport draw fire from disabled travelers | Breast Cancer News | Scoop.it

Screenings at Phoenix airport draw fire from disabled travelers.

The Arizona Republic reports that 26 complaints were filed on behalf of people with disabilities at the airport’s checkpoints in 2012, which is more than double the national average, according to records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

One of the complaints was filed by an 82-year-old woman in a wheelchair who was reportedly required to take out her prosthetic breast while passing through a TSA security checkpoint before boarding a flight to London last June.

“At her age and physical capability, she posed absolutely no risk whatsoever to anyone’s safety and should not have been subjected to such invasive and (undignifed) treatment,” the woman’s grandchild wrote in a complaint obtained by the paper. “This sort of degrading treatment is more appropriate for prisoners.”


Following up on my last post about 2014 hotel marketing plans and rejigging your perspective on mobile marketing.

Scooped by Thomas Menk
onto Fuji X-Pro1
Traveling to the USA with a Fuji X-Pro 1 | Axel Friberg | Fuji X-Pro1 | Scoop.it

I am a Swedish photographer based in Uppsala, north of Stockholm. This summer I have been lucky enough to travel for 5 weeks to the US, France and the west coast of Sweden thanks to hospitable friends. I would like to share my pictures with you and your readers. They are all taken with the Fuji X-Pro1 and 35mm f/1.4. I recently read your thoughts on the new Fujifilm X-A1 and your take on the X-trans sensor, or the lack thereof. After shooting with the X-Pro1 for little over a year, I dare say I have some experience with the sensor. And I agree with you! In fact, I dislike the way my OOC files turn out. It is not uncommon that the pictures look kind of smeared. Especially soft objects, like leaves or skin, despite being in perfect focus. However, I have always found it to work well as a monochrome camera. I am huge B&W fan. For a long time, I did some “pixel peeping”, or at least kind of; 100% zoom to check that I nailed focus etc. I’m not a rich guy, and when I put over 2’000 USD last year on the camera and lens, knowingly sacrificing AF-speed for IQ, I was kind of expecting greatness.

In Spain, more than 500 Civil War martyrs move closer to sainthood | Madrid Trending Topics and Issues | Scoop.it

CTV News
In Spain, more than 500 Civil War martyrs move closer to sainthood
Today’s Catholic News
Spain was in a state of chaos throughout most of the 1930s, beginning with the exile of King Alfonso XIII in 1931.

Madrid Fashion Cake, A Sweet Way to Discover the City | Madrid Trending Topics and Issues | Scoop.it

Madrid Fashion Cake is a sweet way to discover the city. This fair will gather the best bakeries of the city, giving you the chance to taste creative and local cakes

Spain, Traveling Experience

My Experience in Spain Last Week

Bullfighting Experience in Madrid

“Madrid Bullfighting Tickets – 59,99 €” http://feedly.com/k/1cskFot I Just read it, Now I’ll share it

Just want to talk about my experience in Madrid, Spain. Ever since I was a little kid I always want to see a bullfighting match in Madrid and finally I was able to experience it last week. It was a once in a life time experience for me and I really enjoyed it.

It’s awesome how people in spain have come up with a sport like bullfighting where a person will be in a ring “Arena” with a Bull which is a very dangerous animal. I was thrilled and scared for the matador while he’s getting the bull down.

I will not forget my experience in Madrid. I did a lot of stuff in the city with the great accomodation of my tour guide whom I hired to guide me with all the tours that I purchase at What to do in Madrid Travelling and Tours. I told my friends all about it and they are now planning to visit madrid this summer. I recommend it to everyone to experience the bullfighting event and also all the tours that you can afford. It will be more unforgetable if you will experience it with your love ones.

So travel all around Spain and start your journey by going to the beautiful city of Madrid.